TopHap, Inc. Launches New Residential Real Estate Analytics Platform to Transform Real Estate Research


“The modern agent doesn’t have to become a data scientist, but we have to deliver the data-driven insights that customers want. ” said the CEO and co-founder of TopHap Anton Danilovich. “To do that, we have to embrace the technology with one hand and the customer with the other.”

TopHap’s platform removes several major limitations that real estate professionals have had for far too long with its investor-grade toolset.

  • Real estate professionals are overwhelmed with market and property data and spend far too much time and energy trying to put it all together. TopHap brings all this data and information together from multiple sources and turns it into real market information accessible from any phone, tablet or laptop in seconds.
  • Real estate professionals struggle to understand the markets and why properties are worth what they are worth. TopHap offers a visual market analysis over 80 different characteristics in 8 different categories to show what affects this value and why.
  • Learning a market takes years and is one of the most difficult obstacles facing real estate professionals. This makes it almost impossible to become an expert in any market except the one you live in. With TopHap, agents, investors, builders and developers can quickly become experts in any market within minutes.

Craig rowe Inman Real Estate News said: “When a user browses the tools of TopHap, they will quickly understand how even a single street is ultimately their own micro-market, pulling the curtain back on the factors that make real estate worth what it’s worth.”

TopHap, Inc. has created a revolutionary new way to research markets and properties with the industry’s most comprehensive, data-driven real estate analysis platform. Based at San Ramon, California, TopHap is launched everywhere California with nationwide growth plans. To find out more visit and try it free for 7 days or by email [email protected] for questions.

SOURCE TopHap, Inc.

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