These real estate agents are making a difference in Delaware

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These Delaware realtors support charitable efforts, focus on customers, and positively impact the areas they serve.

Amy Lacy Powalski

Photo courtesy of Amy Lacy Powalski

Patterson-Schwartz (Greenville); The Lacy group

For over 22 years, Amy Lacy Powalski has been her clients’ trusted realtor through all their stages. She started her career in 2000 and formed her own team, The Lacy Group, in 2015. Customer experience is paramount, she says: “I treat every customer the way I would want to be treated if I were buying a house. I sit and listen to what they want in terms of price and location, and I can’t be pushy on that – ultimately they’re the ones who will live in the house. In addition to running a customer-focused business, Lacy also ensures that his group has a positive impact on the communities he serves. They regularly support the Delaware Humane Association and the Mary Campbell Center. Lacy herself also supports Frogs for Life, a charity founded by two former clients who lost their son to a congenital heart defect.

Henri Jaffe

Photo courtesy of Henry Jaffé

Atlantic Ocean Sotheby’s, Rehoboth Beach

Henry Jaffe has spent his life in the real estate business. His father was a real estate developer, so it seemed only right for Jaffe to join the industry as a real estate agent after college. He has spent 22 years helping people buy and sell their homes and has worked in the Delaware real estate market for a decade. “Henry is a very hard-working, customer-focused guy. … Being customer-focused is the heart and soul of our industry,” says agent Cory Mayo, “and it’s nice to work with someone one that always pushes you to be better.” For Jaffe, focusing on his clients’ goals is key to what he does. “At Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s, we have a great team that helps support the transaction process,” he says. “This professional support every step of the way allows me to lead my clients’ load and get them what they need.”

Rhonda Hitch

Photo courtesy of Rhonda Hitch

Century 21 Home Team, Seaford

Buying and selling a home can mean a lot of work with banks, mortgage lenders and settlement agents, and for Rhonda Hitch, a career in real estate has been an easy transition from her experience in banking. and building. She spent 19 years as a loan officer and comes from a family of home builders. As an agent in Delaware for six years, Hitch says finance is paramount to his process. “If you’re buying a home, I work closely with loan officers to determine a maximum monthly budget for your mortgage to ensure I’m within my client’s budget,” she says. With all this financial information found in advance, she says she is able to focus the research on her clients and get them into their dream home.

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