Residential real estate from urban to suburban Memphis


Tori Hinton is a Certified Child Life Specialist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She helps children cope with illness and hospitalization by teaching them about their diagnosis and medical experiences, such as procedures, in ways appropriate to their development. She was living in a studio in downtown Memphis when she decided she wanted more space.

“I met my real estate agent, Pam Beall, while we were living downtown in the same building / complex,” Tori explained. “I am so grateful that I found Pam and chose to work with her. She was instrumental in helping me navigate the home buying process (and this crazy market) as a first-time buyer. She worked so hard, spending a lot of late mornings / evenings and Saturdays (around my work schedule) looking at the houses with me. She was always available to answer all of my questions, and I had plenty of them. But more importantly, she was always so positive when I inevitably started to feel defeated during this process, especially after losing my first few offers. I looked at probably at least 20 properties and bid on about five listings before I found this home.

Tori Hinton recently moved into this traditional one-story painted brick house, c.  1947 at High Point Terrace.

As Pam guided Tori through the inventory available in the market, they narrowed down their choices knowing that Tori had a dog and therefore needed a garden.

My new home:Getting into property for the first time

“A remodeled kitchen was another thing I really wanted,” Tori recalls. “Plus, while it wasn’t a big deal, I really wanted three bedrooms. I’m starting graduate school to continue my PhD in the fall so wanted to have an extra room for a guest bedroom and another extra room to use as a home office.

The living room is bathed in natural light through the windows on two walls.

Tori found a house in High Point Terrace that matched the bill. It was a traditional one-story painted brick house built in 1947. It paid $ 265,000 for just over 1,200 square feet of living space. The house had the desired three bedrooms and one bathroom. And not only was there a backyard for his dog, but there was also a private outdoor area which was perfect for entertaining.

The porch is spacious enough to provide space to sit and relax.

“I moved into my new home in early May, so I’ve been in the house for a little over a month,” Tori said. “My sweet beagle, Copper, loves having a garden and I like having a lot more space.

The dining room is a short walk from the kitchen.

When asked if she plans to make any changes to her new home, Tori said, “I will be adding a second bathroom and a walk-in closet to the master bedroom in the future. I will also be starting some small renovations this summer, like moving the washer and dryer to the hallway closet and adding a pantry in the kitchen.

My new home:Love life in my bungalow

Tori continued, “I like living in a more suburban area compared to the urban area where I was downtown. It’s a great neighborhood, very quiet. I spent a lot of time sitting on my porch, reading and enjoying the outdoors. The neighborhood is also very friendly. I have met a lot of my neighbors and it is not uncommon to see and meet different people on a given day while walking my dog ​​or going for a run.

New appliances and granite countertops were added by a previous owner.

Emily Adams Keplinger is a freelance journalist who produced this article for the Advertising Department.


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