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The town of Solon has always been one of the primary housing markets in the Northeastern Ohio region. Located about 20 miles from downtown Cleveland, it has been repeatedly recognized by brands such as Bloomberg Businessweek and Money as a great place to live over the past 20 years.

Veena Bhupali, real estate agent at Re / Max Traditions in Beachwood, Sharon Friedman, associate broker at Berkshire Hathaway in Moreland Hills, and Joanne Zettl, real estate agent and real estate associate at Sotheby’s in Pepper Pike, said there are many factors that come into play in making Solon such an attractive community.

“Solon is 25 square miles and about 25,000 people, but yet you probably have about over 100,000 people working here,” Friedman said. “This is because you have relatively lower taxes, due to the commercial developments surrounding the residential area. You also have top rated schools which are most often the number one ranked schools in the state and in the county consistently. “

The three real estate professionals said services, such as recreation centers and schools, are among the best in the region.

Zettl said Solon’s industrial base keeps the property tax base low.

“In general, a city’s budget is based on the taxes it receives from property taxes as well as any type of income tax it generates from workers,” Zettl said. “But, with a larger industrial and commercial base, they have more food in their general funds to be able to provide services.

“(Solon’s) schools are always the best rated. So, between the school board and the superintendent, they have excelled in providing this type of education to their students which keeps them ranked among the top schools in the state of Ohio. And from the city’s point of view, their roads are in great shape and they are responsible for construction.

Friedman said the current mayor, Eddy Kraus, has done a good job in supporting the city and continuing the growth and sustainability of the community. Some of these actions include setting up new commercial developments, further fueling the city’s industrial base.

“In terms of increasing business development, Swagelok is building a new head office and Nestlé built a new research and development facility probably two or three years ago,” Friedman said. “And if you just drive on Cochran and Harper Roads, and the surrounding streets, it’s just a really impressive business development within Solon.”

Bhupali said that another reason people love to live in Solon is that there are homes for people at all stages of their lives.

“People want to be in these areas,” she said. “And people might just get bigger too, even within Solon.” Because Solon can be your first home, or your rental, your first home you buy, a luxury home, and you can downsize as well. So it’s a good lifecycle that can meet people’s needs… it’s a cheap bread and butter, it’s a cheap luxury and everything.

Bhupali said that while these homes are not the “newest” homes, they are still newer than other communities in the area and offer all the amenities a buyer might be looking for.

“We feed our buyers so much on TV and on social media about all the new toys, bells and whistles,” Bhupali said. “It’s exciting when a house can actually offer them that, whether it’s a smaller house, or a bigger house or any size. Because homes are always where we all spend a ton of time, especially over the past 18 months. “


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