New Venture Escrow Gives Homebuyers, Sellers and Realtors a Better Way to Close Escrow with the NEW VentureTrac 5.0 Web App


SAN DIEGO, October 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – New Venture Escrow is preparing to launch its all-new VentureTrac 5.0 web application. VentureTrac allows real estate agents, buyers and sellers to monitor their escrow in real time. Consumers and agents alike will find a breath of fresh air here with the growing need for convenience and security in the real estate transaction. The new VentureTrac will come with artificial intelligence and text messaging functionality that will make the escrow experience better, faster and more secure.

With VentureTrac, home buyers and sellers can see exactly what’s going on in one of the biggest deals of their lives. Realtors no longer have to worry about the complications of the escrow process as this app makes it easy and seamless to monitor escrow. When buyers and sellers open escrow with New Venture Escrow, they receive access to VentureTrac 5.0 via email and alerts. They can also access it directly at any time on

Some of its features and benefits:

  • Stay on TIME with a list of completed and pending tasks and real-time status notifications.
  • Easily access documents to stay organized and informed with our virtual document filing cabinet that allows buyers and sellers to electronically sign documents anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device.
  • Save time and energy by eliminating the need to collect contact information. VentureTrac provides a detailed list of the contacts involved in the escrow transaction.
  • Artificial intelligence technology with SMS communication function for better user experience.

With the release of their new VentureTrac web application, they have become the preferred real estate escrow solution for consumers and agents. Consumers can place their money in escrow without fear of being “scammed” and both parties can actively and easily monitor the process through the web application. Buyers and sellers benefit greatly as they can see exactly what is going on with their escrow at the push of a button, 24/7. All contacts and documents are stored and any emotional stress arising from them. ‘unknowns are removed from the equation.

Casey leblanc, New Venture Escrow President said, “The title and escrow portion of a real estate transaction is ripe for change. Technology is no longer a buzzword in our industry, it has quickly become a requirement that agents and consumers demand of their partners. By developing responses to this specific need, our development team has been able to bring together cutting-edge technology in escrow and secure communications to better serve the financial industry He went on to say, “I want to be at the forefront of catalyzing this change to provide a service that is not only faster, easier and more efficient for customers, but that brings peace of mind. and security in completing their escrow transactions. “

VentureTrac is also the ultimate tool for real estate agents who want to save time, increase efficiency, and ultimately close more deals. It enables contact management, task management and allows all parties involved to easily access documents from a central location.

To learn more about the all-new VentureTrac secure escrow solution, visit the official New Venture Escrow website at or simply Click here.

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