Man GPM, Bouwinvest Partner on Net-Zero SFR projects

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Male Global Private Markets has partnered with Bouwinvest Real estate investors to develop up to 1,000 net-zero energy single-family rental homes across the United States. The first development will be located in Charlotte, North Carolina in what they call the first institutionally supported net-zero energy single-family rental community. in the nation.

The homes will feature three or more bedrooms and are designed and built to achieve Energy Star certification. Developers will use energy-efficient building materials and heating and cooling systems, rooftop solar panels, Energy Star-certified appliances, electric vehicle charging ports, low-water-flow appliances, LED lighting LEDs and low maintenance courses. The partners plan to deliver the first units in the first half of 2023.

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“SFR Net Zero Energy Housing seeks to address many critical issues, including the climate crisis, historically low housing supply, and tenant demand for sustainable and healthy living environments. We’ve been building SFRs since 2014 and Energy Star-certified homes since 2018 — building net-zero energy single-family rental communities was a natural progression,” said Anthony Cazazian, head of US residential real estate at Man GPM. Multi-Accommodation News.

Homes will be built to achieve a Home Energy Rating System score of zero, with the renewable energy produced by the rooftop solar panels being equal to the property’s annual energy consumption.

Invest in Charlotte

Man GPM has been investing in Charlotte since 2013 and currently manages over 550 rental units in the area. She knows the market well since the city is home to the company’s SFR operational headquarters.

“Charlotte continues to be one of Man GPM’s high conviction markets for SFR investments, due to strong macroeconomic factors and SFR’s historical and forecasted key performance indicators. For these combined reasons, Man GPM and Bouwinvest felt it was the perfect place to start our joint venture,” Cazazian said.

Man GPM operates in 18 markets in the Southern, Midwestern and Western regions of the United States. The company has been investing in build-to-let developments since 2014, including 13 stand-alone, purpose-built rental communities.

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