Loan for the most wonderful holiday in winter and summer

Holidays whenever you want. And without compromise, you simply borrowed at low interest.

Nowadays, it is not always possible to save for winter holidays or at least a short summer recreation. And unfortunately, if you have not been anywhere for a few years, you will start to miss a little abroad. You can go to a weekend or anywhere else because with a loan of up to fifteen thousand you can already organize something. 

Safely, discreetly, no unnecessary questions

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Nothing is difficult or difficult about the whole thing. It is not just like acting at a bank, where you will be asked a lot of questions, including those that may not have a crucial sense of deciding whether or not to grant a loan. The non-banking world, of course, thinks quite differently, simply because it is a major competitive advantage. A secured loan is not a cliché, it also means that there will be only a minimum of personal data in circulation. The privacy of our clients is crucial, we protect them every hour and every day. No one should know more than they really have to – and that is the principle of the non-banking sector. So, what will you have to tell yourself before the contract is finally concluded?

  • Proof of income. In other words, the last three monthly account statements (ie only black numbers).
  • Name and surname. Of course, the address of permanent residence. It must be located somewhere in the Czech Republic.
  • Confirm bank account number. All cash payments are made by us.

Of course, there is still a requirement for two IDs or two-sided copies. Thanks to them, the applicant will be fully identified, regardless of whether you are a self-employed person, a pensioner or a regular employee. If you have a permanent income, a bank account and you are of legal age, nothing should prevent the approval of the entire application!


Up to fifteen thousand in a short while

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When we say a loan for anything, we have first of all the absolute freedom to make decisions that are related to a similar offer. You can use it for groceries, apartment furnishings, postal slips or a children’s ski course. Just whatever is currently needed to be paid and the family budget is currently under-funded, or even have no reserves at all. But with a helping hand in the form of a loan from SOS Credit, you will always have a full pocket for what you need. Up to fifteen thousand crowns for four weeks is an interesting sum, with which a number of smaller and larger problems can be solved. Therefore, when there is certain financial distress, there is certainly no reason to hesitate…