Kentucky Extends Property Tax Appeal Deadlines, Reduction Opportunities Dentons


We are seeing increased interest in property tax appeals in 2020 from our clients. This is not surprising, given the current economic situation. Even the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) has chosen not to conduct residential or commercial revaluations in 2020.

However, taxpayers cannot wait for the property tax bill to be released in the fall to protest the assessed value. At that point, the value is fixed by law and it cannot be contested. Taxpayers are normally required to challenge real estate property tax values ​​set by property appraisal administrators in Kentucky counties during a two-week period beginning on the first Monday in May. But in April 2020, the Kentucky Department of Revenue ordered PVA offices to delay the property tax schedule by 60 days so that the tax roll’s “inspection period” in 2020 extends from July 6 to July 20, 2020.

Some, but not all, PVA offices have updated their websites to reflect these new deadlines.

The Jefferson County ACP, for example, which hosts its conferences online, updated its website to state, “The Jefferson County ACP requested and was granted an extended period, June 26 at 4 p.m. July 20, 2020 for property owners in Jefferson County. to complete the first step of the appeal process: online conferencing. During this time, if you believe that your appraisal does not represent the fair market value of your property, by law, you can request a review from the Jefferson County PVA by participating in the online conference process. ”Available at https: //

The Fayette County PVA also updated its website to state, “Due to service disruptions resulting from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 property tax schedule will be delayed…. June 8 – July 20 – The official protest period for the ACP 2020 Assessments Conference. “Available at It is important to note that the ACP website of the Fayette County designates July 17 as the last day to launch a 2020 values ​​protest conference.

Property values ​​must be disputed with the PVA before the end of the inspection period, even if the county sheriff sends out property tax bills for the real estate in the fall; otherwise, the right of appeal is lost. The last day to file a formal property tax assessment appeal against a PVA’s decision with the County Appeals Assessment Board with the County Clerk is the day after the end of the period. open inspection. The Fayette County ACP website states: “July 21 [is the] last day to file a formal appeal of the 2020 property tax assessments with the Fayette County Clerk (the appeal cannot be filed unless a protest conference with the PVA has been completed by 20 July). “Available at ratings-calls /.

In Jefferson County, mandatory online conferencing with the PVA office isn’t new in 2020; but the required online protests are new for Fayette County, which now demands that “[a]All protests must come online from with email and phone follow-up.

Consider whether the tax value of your property is more than the amount you might get if you sold the property, especially given the general state of the real estate market. If so, you should consider taking steps to lower your 2020 property tax bill.


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